Be Counted
Drifting upon the waves of dreams
Is nightmares long forgotten screams
The blood that was shed just yesterday
Is already beginning to fade away

The coloured pictures we once would paint
Have become duller, less lifelike - faint
And the imagination that we once shared
Is now forgotten, (cos the wrong people cared)

Taking a book that was written BC
And misinterpreting it, long after AD
Twisting the morals, the beliefs held within
Suddenly becomes a 'reason to sin'

Now under 'their' Islamic regime
The 'traditional' religion becomes extreme
Tarnishing all religion as a 'bad penny'
When really this group doesn't have any

They've no religion, no conscience, no heart
They cause devastation tearing nations apart
And what once was a right is now a wrong
Cos our freedom of speech has nearly all gone

If we sit back and allow this new rule
We will be living in a new nation of fools
Our once free tongues will now be tied
Robotic people, no longer side by side

Controlled by extremism we will all be mute
No freedom to express, never allowed to dispute
The colours we once painted now just white, black, grey
Because the restrains have washed our palettes away

Stand up and be counted, pick up your pen
Demonstrate how much you hate the murderous gunmen
Protect the innocence of our younger generation
Stand side by side, let's all reside in a world of imagination...

#CharlieHebdo #JeSuisCharlie
By  sammielee46
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